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Confessions of a storyteller for Michiganders, Mickeyganders and Snowbirds

While I was growing up, I remember going back to school after the summer ended and hearing about all these great vacations other kids took. I would dream about that one day being me. I wanted to visit all these places I heard about. It became my mission to work hard during the week and explore new places on the weekend. These posts are for the vacation dreamers and doers looking to recharge.

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The Day America Woke Up

Coronavirus... One Week Later The day the NBA canceled the Utah Jazz game on March 11, a domino effect happened in sports which suspended...

The Ending Chapter

But Only the Beginning. In December, 2019, I officially retired from my Communications Director position at Meridian Township. It has...

Getting Published

Thanks to the Lansing State Journal for publishing my Made in Michigan essay. At the time I was asked, I didn’t even know how much I...

9/11 Remembrance

As I walked back into my HOMTV office on the day of 9/11, a former colleague of mine pointed at the television set tuned to CNN and...

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