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Confessions of a storyteller for Michiganders, Mickeyganders and Snowbirds

While I was growing up, I remember going back to school after the summer ended and hearing about all these great vacations other kids took. I would dream about that one day being me. I wanted to visit all these places I heard about. It became my mission to work hard during the week and explore new places on the weekend. These posts are for the vacation dreamers and doers looking to recharge.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug: #HOMtostay

Smokey the Bear Historical Marker in Wisconsin When I was interviewed to work at HOMTV I said I planned on being here for 5 years. Ha! I’ve been HOM to stay since that interview. And why not? I love it here. I’ve been here since 1996 with a little absence during 1997 when I worked for national sports. But really, I’ve been HOM the whole time. My heart is here. My passion is here. Even when I travel away from HOM, my heart is still here, and I LOVE to travel. I’ve got HOMTV in

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